Hope has been named the recipient of a three-year matching grant totaling $192,000 to support its VALOR program from the AmeriCorps Legacy Corps for Veterans and Military Families, in collaboration with the University of Maryland Department of Health Services.

“We’re extremely appreciative of both the grant and our partnership with the AmeriCorps Legacy Corps,” said Samira K. Beckwith, president and CEO of Hope HealthCare Services. “Through all of Hope’s programs, including the VALOR program, we are able to ensure our servicemen and servicewomen receive the loving care and support they deserve. It is our privilege to honor their dedication to our country as they fulfill life’s journey.”

Hope collaborates with the Veterans Administration to help make arrangements for replacement medals, military funeral honors, burials in a VA national cemetery, and donations of artifacts to historical societies and museums. VALOR also provides emotional support through chaplains and counselors familiar with veterans’ issues, including post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and other symptoms caused by combat or wartime experiences.

Through the AmeriCorps Legacy Corps program, Hope will recruit additional Honor Guard volunteers to provide respite care, disseminate veteran service information, create peer-to-peer networks for veterans, provide transportation for veterans and caregivers, and provide caregiver support.