Pet Wedding: Volunteers Sami and Smiley Tie the Knot at Joanne’s House

With a wedding party of fourteen dogs of various breeds and sizes, Smiley, a rescued Greyhound, and Sami, a Poodle-Bichon mix, were brought together in canine matrimony in a special [...]

10 Ways to Help Your Aging Neighbor

  Introduce Yourself and Visit Often Share emergency contact information. Find out if your neighbor has local caregivers. If you notice that mail and newspapers aren't being picked up, check on them. [...]

Celebrating New Friendships – Wings of Hope, Summer 2013

In this issue: That's What Friends Are For Our patients reap the benefits of social connections There's No Place Like Home We help the aging and seriously ill to stay [...]

Giving Back: Become a Volunteer

Meaningful, gratifying, rewarding. The volunteers at Hope Hospice report immeasurable rewards from the experience of helping others at the end of life. Many of our volunteers were introduced to Hope [...]