The Most Unhelpful Phrase in Health Care? “Do Everything”

What does it mean to “do everything” at the end of life? Advancements in medical technology provide us with many options when facing a life-limiting illness; however, it isn't always clear that [...]

Hope Creates “Personal Treasures” for Hospice Families

Memories can take special - and unusual - forms at Hope Hospice. At a family member’s request, a patient’s boxer shorts were actually transformed into a precious little teddy bear, [...]

Watch Hope President and CEO Samira K. Beckwith on Lee Pitts Live

Don't miss Samira's interview with Lee Pitts on YouTube. Lee Pitts Live is the longest running local television talk show in southwest Florida. Now in its twentieth year, the show [...]

Updated Caregiver Support Groups

Explore ways of coping with many of the emotional and physical issues that accompany caregiving. These ongoing groups are open to anyone in a caregiver role, at no cost. It's [...]