Shopping at Hope Chest Resale Stores during the holidays is a great way to save money while finding incredible gifts for friends and family. End this year by supporting your community in a special way! Shoppers tell us these are their top four reasons they’ll be searching for the best gifts at our upscale thrift store this holiday season:

Find unique gifts: Who wants to get yet another gift card? Hope Chest is full of interesting items and trinkets that you won’t find anywhere else! Set aside some time to just browse our store and spark new ideas. We feel confident that you’ll be able to find one-of-a-kind gifts that will surprise and delight your loved ones.

Save money: How many people are on your shopping list this year? If you’re a generous giver, all those purchases can add up quickly! Hope Chest resale stores offer amazing deals on gently used merchandise. You’ll be able to buy even more gifts for everyone on your list at a fraction of the cost! Skip the department stores, and head over to one of our convenient locations.

Be environmentally friendly: Every year, tons of unwanted gifts make their way to landfills. By shopping at a resale store, you can reduce waste and help recycle useful items back into circulation. Think of ways you might transform purchases to extend their life – could a colorful patterned sweater because a cool pillow? The only limit is your creativity!

Help others in need: The holidays remind us that charitable giving is at the heart of the season. By shopping at Hope Chest Resale Stores, you’re helping families in Southwest Florida who need comforting hospice care or compassionate grief counseling. Support the mission of Hope Hospice by shopping, donating, or volunteering at Hope Chest!

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