Meaningful, gratifying, rewarding. The volunteers at Hope Hospice report immeasurable rewards from the experience of helping others at the end of life.

Many of our volunteers were introduced to Hope through the loss of a loved one, so they have firsthand knowledge of our philosophy. They will tell you that hospice is not about giving up. Instead, it’s about living each day to the fullest.

Our volunteers are important members of the hospice interdisciplinary team. Our care is not just about medical needs; we focus on each individual’s emotional, social and spiritual concerns. We also provide care to all friends and family members, recognizing that a serious illness affects not only the patient, but their loved ones as well. Volunteers help us to provide holistic, comforting care on a very personal level.

To ensure that hospice volunteers are well equipped to assist others at the end of life, we provide a day-long orientation session and regular follow-ups with volunteer mentors. Each volunteer is also assigned to a Hope staff member (Volunteer Coordinator), who can further guide them in their journey.

Hope’s volunteer opportunities are located throughout our southwest Florida service area, and volunteers are free to choose activities and opportunities that best suit their interests. Additional specialized training may be required for some volunteers, including pet visitors, bereavement callers or members of the Hope Honor Guard.

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