For many, Mother’s Day is an occasion to celebrate with your mother and remind her of how much you love her. For many of us, it is be a time to reflect on that very special person in our life whom we have lost.

This day can be difficult for people as they cope with their loss, whether it happened recently or years ago. Even feelings of grief from years past can seem fresh. It can affect us emotionally, mentally and physically. The sadness of not having our mother is normal.

When we lose our mothers, we lose much that cannot be replaced. We may even feel that we have lost a part of who we are. Letting go can be a long process that requires being patient with ourselves.

Thoughtful preparation is a way to help cope with the grief. Be careful not to isolate yourself. It is important to take quiet, reflective time for ourselves, yet we should also accept the support offered by family and friends. Respect the choices and needs of other family members as well.

Although you miss her, you can celebrate her memory. Share your favorite stories with your family and friends. You may want to do something special for others, such as making a contribution in her name to a charitable cause.

Remember, a mother’s love is never lost as long as we continue to hold them in our hearts and minds.