Hope for Pets keeps connection between owners and furry friends strong and provides pathway to adoption

When someone is coping with a serious illness, the physical and financial responsibility of caring for their pet can be a challenge. Hope Hospice created the Hope for Pets program to alleviate that worry and give people in their care some peace of mind that their pets will have veterinary visits, exercise, and, when needed, a new, loving home.

To ensure no pet is left behind, Hope for Pets has partnered with Cape Coral Animal Shelter and Gulf Coast Humane Society for years to help coordinate pet adoptions and veterinary care. Now, CCAS is offering enhanced services to keep the connection between Hope’s pet owners and their loyal companions strong for as long as possible.

“We’ve built a bridge for a pet from its owner, to a foster family, and finally, to its adopted home,” said CCAS Executive Director Liz McCauley.

As part of the Hope for Pets program, CCAS veterinary clinic provides extra support for pets who remain in the owner’s home while they are in Hope’s care. Owners will appoint CCAS for their pet’s treatment, and volunteers from Hope and CCAS will visit, transport the pet to veterinary visits, and deliver food and supplies.

CCAS also helps transition pets to a foster home when caring for them becomes too difficult for the owner, or if a move to Hope Care Center is underway.

“We have a network of fantastic foster parents who are specially educated about end-of-life care. They keep in touch with the owner and help them stay connected to their pet with updates, phone calls and visits,” said McCauley.

She explained that oftentimes, pet adoptions are delayed due to an absence of medical information or lapsed treatments. Now, veterinary services are brought up to date and pets are given the care they need to stay happy and healthy well before they join their new adopted home.

“We are creating a continuity in transitioning a pet from owner to foster family, while forging a faster pathway to adoption,” said McCauley.

The enhanced Hope for Pets program is already a underway. As a pet owner prepares to move to a Hope Care Center, CCAS confirmed medical records for her beloved cat “Monkey” were in order. A welcoming foster family will bring him by for visits to brighten her day.

Samira K. Beckwith, president and CEO of Hope Healthcare, said Hope recognizes the special relationship between people and their pets.

“Pets are like a member of the family, and the unconditional love, comfort and companionship they provide is invaluable,” said Beckwith. “Through our partnership with CCAS, along with the generosity of our donors, community grants, and help from our volunteers, we can preserve the precious owner bond for as long as possible while preparing the pets for success in their new, adopted homes.”