Sawyer with a doll created in the image of his grandmother

My mother, Florence, received hospice services in your Hospice House where she passed away on April 5, 2016. She was an amazing mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, and friend. Our family misses her dearly and talks about her every day.

As a way to honor her, Lorrie McCann, Renee Stack, and Hope Hospice volunteers helped to coordinate and host a recital at the Hospice House on October 3, 2016, where my seven-year-old son Sawyer played the piano. This was very special to me and my husband because Sawyer played the piano for his grandmother every day as she while she lay in bed trying to get well at home. In addition, this was very meaningful to my mother as she was able to listen to beautiful music while watching her grandson grow and learn day in and day out.

This gift shared between Sawyer and his grandmother was extraordinary and valued deeply by our entire family. We feel blessed that Sawyer’s music brought so much love and peace to my mother while she was limited in what she could do. We appreciate you supporting Sawyer in expressing his feelings and helping him through his grief journey by playing songs for Hope Hospice patients and families in the hope that they may experience what my family has through his music.

In discussing the recital with many who attended, not only did they enjoy the piano playing and refreshments, but my family realized our broader connection to others via the many positive Hope Hospice stories shared about loved ones lost.

Sawyer wishes to say thank you for making this recital happen. It made him happy because he got to play for his Grandma where he last visited her before she passed away.

The work you do for patients and their families experiencing the end of life is exceptional in every interaction that my family has experienced – from open and honest discussions with the medical team to bereavement groups, counseling services, and hosting this recital. We are thrilled to know that we will have another opportunity for a piano recital and holiday sing-along on December 22 where our family, friends, current patients, and their loved ones can experience the love of music and compassion shared between a little boy and his grandmother at the Hope Hospice House in Fort Myers.

~Michelle, Sawyer’s mother