Alejandro is legally blind, but that hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his love of music.

Alejandro’s passion for the piano soon allowed him to outgrow the skills of his Hope Kids Care music therapist. Having seen his joy and excitement in playing, she wanted Alejandro to progress further in his favorite hobby. This was a chance to grant him a Hopeful Wish!

With funds donated by generous donors in our community, Hope arranged for ongoing, professional piano lessons for Alejandro. With weekly sessions at home, Alejandro continued to perfect his skills.

It wasn’t long before both his music therapist and piano teacher noticed his increased confidence and pride. In March, he shared a video of him playing the piano with his family in Puerto Rico and was thrilled at the chance to show off his new-found musical abilities.

Recently, Alejandro performed in front of a crowd of local music educators and passed his piano test with flying colors!

The Hope Kids Care staff said, “It’s so amazing that we were able to help him pursue this hobby and find an outlet for his skills. We only wish the Hopeful Wishes donors could see Alejandro’s giant smile after he performs and demonstrates his continual improvement.”