Hope has been fortunate to receive donations from the Sandoval Quilt Club, with assistance from additional members of the Cape Coral Quilters Club, for more than 12 years. Each year in March, the Club invites Hope and at least ten other agencies to the blessing of the quilts that they have made. These beautiful donations are used for to keep our patients warm at Hospice House Cape Coral.

About 4 years ago, Mary Lou O’Phelan started creating Christmas quilts for Hope. The first year she made about 10 or so by herself. Since then she has created a subcommittee within the group, to help create even more items for those in need at Hope. At the subcommittee’s recent holiday luncheon at Sandoval, Nina Tomasello picked up 100 Christmas quilts!

Some of the quilts were used for children in our Hope Kids Care program – along with special Christmas pillow cases and stockings, which are new this year.