Over a decade ago, a special group of five ladies got together to ‘pay it forward.’ All five had been touched by hospice, and they felt it was their calling to give back. Lois Braden, the team coordinator, worked with Hope to identify our highest priority sewing needs – comfort items, for our patients. They started on a small scale, using donated materials, but have since expanded. Now many more Cypress Woods community members are involved, and a steady supply of generous donations keep the group going strong.

After all these years, Lois continues to coordinate and direct the sewers’ activities. During season, they gather each week at their community center to cut, iron, stitch, and create a variety of helpful items. For the sewers who work from home, Lois arranges a rendezvous for material drop off and pick up. As the season comes to a close and most of the sewers head north, Lois bids them farewell with packages of materials to keep them busy during the summer months. These sewing snow birds continue working, with Lois’ materials and instructions, then send their finished products back to Florida.

These men and women, who give so graciously of their time, talents, and supplies, strive to leave this world a better place. Hope salutes these true heroes and heroines who bring peace and joy to those they serve.