Since Hope Hospice House Cape Coral opened in 2002, Music Therapist Ariel Vissepo has been leading a group of volunteers to sing and entertain throughout the building. Although the group’s membership evolved over the years, the size remains about the same – between 8-10 people. There are currently 9 who regularly participate:

Joyce Beecroft • Phil Butdorf • Don Glovich
Marlene Glovich • Mary Jo Helfenstein • Bob Henderson
Frances Jarman • Judy Sheldon • Dale Ward

These volunteers, blessed with many musical talents, give their time to inspire others. Every Thursday, they join together to go room to room. The sounds of their voices and guitars lift the spirits of everyone who hears them. It’s likely that the group has played for thousands of individuals over the past decade.

Ariel says, “The artistic talents of the singing volunteers in Cape Coral benefit our patients and families in unique and direct ways — they truly stand out as exceptional hospice volunteers. It didn’t take long for the staff at Hope Hospice House Cape Coral to see the many benefits this group brings. It’s an essential part of our compassionate care. They’ve always been excited and fully supportive of our Thursday sessions.”