Our flower program is growing! Each week, volunteers pick up, rearrange and deliver flowers to patients who are celebrating birthdays or significant events.

Shirley and Jim bring in beautiful bundles

Before starting their normal volunteer shifts, Jim and Shirley Wyckoff stop at the Publix on Hancock Bridge Parkway to pick up donated flowers.

Hope volunteers get ready to work in their aprons!

Flo Raley, Doris Stark, Maureen Pollock and Gloria Healey create beautiful arrangements, and Marianne Denman and Barbara Jones make the deliveries, lifting our patients’ spirits with their own smiles and cheerful bouquets.

Marianne and Barbara outside the office for flower delivery

Additionally, leftovers are bundled for Hope staff to take to patients in facilities, where the colorful blooms brighten rooms.

As this program grows, it takes more volunteers to make it happen. Thanks to everyone who has helped  make it a great success!

To learn more about becoming a Hope volunteer, please visit www.HopeHCS.org/volunteer