The idea of a one-night benefit for Hope Hospice turned into something bigger with Robin Currier involved. Well Read, a seasonal clothier and gift shop featuring unique items dedicated to the love of literature, is her new vision of a way to help.

The boutique will be open throughout November at Bell Tower Shops, with a portion of each sale – from both the store and online – being donated to benefit the Pet Peace of Mind program at Hope Hospice.

Pet Peace of Mind helps individuals who are facing a life-limiting illness to remain close to their beloved pets. Often considered members of the family, these pets are lovingly cared for by Hope volunteers, who feed and walk the pets and ensure they remain clean and healthy – and by their owner’s side.

“I was truly inspired by what Hope Hospice does with the pets of their patients,” Currier said. “These animals provide unconditional love and companionship when a seriously ill person needs it most. I loved the program and felt I simply had to find a way to help. Well Read gives me that opportunity.”

Currier has blended her passions for literature and fashion by creating a line of men’s neckties and T-shirts based on classic works such as Moby Dick, Anna Karenina, Jane Eyre, Humpty Dumpty and many more. Some of the designs are literal while others are more abstract, Currier said. Well Read will also carry leggings, dresses and accessories for women and children.

In addition to Currier’s original artwork, the innovative packaging is created to provide a playful answer to holiday shopping needs. Currier said she loves packaging, and her first venture into the fashion industry was men’s neckties packaged in hardbound book boxes. Well Read items are geared toward children and adults – a romper for the boy and a matching T-shirt for dad, for example.

Well Read will be staffed by volunteers and carry Currier’s business model, which is grounded in service and giving back to the Fort Myers community where she was born and raised. Currier said Bell Tower is incredibly supportive by offering an empty store to lease for the month.

“We think what Robin is doing for our Pet Peace of Mind program is marvelous,” Hope HealthCare Services CEO Samira K. Beckwith said. “For many in our care, pets are considered part of the family and bring so much joy, which is why we created the program. We also help ensure that these treasured pets find a loving, adoptive home.”

“I am impressed with Hope Hospice,” Currier said. “They always think outside the box.”