Originally published in the Caloosa Belle

Hope Connections is settling into the L.J. Nobles Center, providing services for senior citizens.

Hope Connections Program Manager Rosemarie Slowly said she wants clients to feel comfortable at the center, located on Cowboy Way, and assured clients that they will be directed on the right path. Ms. Slowly is brand new at the position, although she has been working in health care management for 10 years.

She feels right at home, saying she specifically looked for a hospice position because of their values. They are special caring people, she noted, who put patients and their families first.

Her job is to make sure that the patients’ needs are met as well as all the guidelines, policies/procedures and funding requirements. Also at the Nobles Center you will find Kay Owens, case manager for Hope Connections Hendry County, and Diane Thorpe, site manager.

Vice President Hope Life Care Mary Curtis said the Area Agency on Aging (AAA) funds two facilities in Hendry (one in LaBelle on Cowboy Way and one in Clewiston (1200 W.C. Owens Ave.) and two in Glades (101 Florida Ave.) and the Buckhead Ridge (congregate meals only).

Hope Connections provides case management at its Moore Haven, LaBelle and Clewiston offices.

Hope also offers services at the LaBelle and Clewiston facilities, neatly synchronizing programs for the elderly. Through Hope Connections centers, senior citizens can take advantage of congregate meals Monday through Friday. Suggested donation is $1 donation for the meal, although it is strictly up to the individual.

The center also offers case management, home delivered meals, C.N.A. aides and homemaker services. Depending on the client’s financial circumstances, payment can be by Medicaid or co-pay.

Hope Connections currently has a combined staff of 20 in Hendry and Glades.

Hope Hospice has a 26-year history in Hendry/Glades; now AAA asked Hope Connections to take over elder services in this area.In March of this year, the organization opened its first facility in Hendry County n the “yellow house” at the corner of Clay St. and SR 80 where congregate meals were served.

The organization is also offering Hope Life Care – designed to help older, more frail people stay at home as long as possible. At this time Hope Connections has 254 clients in Hendry-Glades. Hope Life Care serves 250 (total in all counties); five in Hendry County at this time.

Outside groups, including the Center for Independent Living and Goodwill also have offices at the Nobles Center.

Because life enrichment is very important for senior citizens, look for more activities for clients. Volunteers are needed to conduct sessions in arts and crafts and exercise and so on – any form of group entertainment will be considered. Volunteers go through a 15 hour training course and can work with clients or perform other necessary functions.

The folks at Hope Connections want you to think of the Nobles Senior Center as senior center not just a congregate site.

For more information about Hope Connections’ programs, facilities or volunteer opportunities, call 800-835-1673.