During the week of October 23, many in southwest Florida – law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency management workers, utility crews and others — worked selflessly and tirelessly through Hurricane Wilma and its aftermath. They made the work easier for the staff at Hope Hospice, whose mission was to provide exceptional care and support to all people touched by end-of-life issues – no matter what adverse circumstances might be surrounding them.

As Wilma approached, the Hope Hospice team helped evacuate patients who could not remain in their homes. They were brought to our three hospice houses and were cared for around the clock in a tranquil environment, warmly sheltered from nature’s violence outside. Meanwhile, others on the hospice team had to make sure that patients throughout Lee, Glades and Hendry Counties would have the medications and oxygen they might need in the uncertain days ahead.

It is difficult to imagine working under such conditions. Yet, even in such tragic moments, life goes on. Babies are born, people must be rescued or protected, and people pass away. Those in life’s final stages need someone to care for them. For my hospice heroes and all of our local emergency workers, mission accomplished.

Thank you for a job well done.

Samira K. Beckwith, President and CEO