Furniture stores in Southwest Florida attract plenty of customers, but savvy shoppers have found an impressive alternative – thrift stores.

Hope Chest is one of the largest stores helping drive this shopping trend. The upscale shop is well known for offering designer clothing, home goods, and unique treasures. However, Hope Chest shoppers are often most impressed by the wide selection of high-quality, like-new furniture for the home:

  • Kitchen: Dinner tables, chairs, china cabinets, and wine storage
  • Living room: Sofas, end tables, coffee tables, and entertainment centers
  • Bedroom: Dressers, nightstands, bedframes, and wardrobe closets
  • Patio: Tables, chairs, and accessories

Hope Chest customers often save 75% or more compared to average retail prices, but even those who aren’t bargain hunting have plenty of reasons to see what’s in store.


A global supply chain disruption means orders for new furniture placed today might not be delivered for weeks – or even months. Hope Chest’s inventory is available immediately. New items arrive daily, and it’s not uncommon for the showroom to look entirely different from week to week.

Product selection

Large furniture companies mass produce thousands of furniture pieces each year, but style mavens don’t want the same sofa or bedroom set as their neighbors. At Hope Chest, you can easily find one-of-a-kind, unusual pieces full of character and color. Your friends and family will want to know where you found such interesting pieces!

Design trends

Every homeowner has a unique sense of style. It might be classical, contemporary, country or chic – or perhaps art deco, rustic, industrial, or mid-century modern. At one point, every interior design trend and style has made its way through Hope Chest. Shoppers often fulfill their vision after visiting one of the large showrooms.


DIYers have found a home at Hope Chest. Although most furniture pieces are in excellent condition, shoppers can still create something extra special with an eye for artistry. This can mean repainting, reupholstering, restoring, or repurposing used furniture. Some have even turned their hobby into a money-making venture by reselling their items!

Updated décor

Homeowners can grow tired of the same furniture, artwork, and home décor, and they crave a change in style. Buying new furniture every few years can feel expensive or wasteful, but Hope Chest shoppers can update without guilt – knowing they’re refreshing their space at a huge discount.

Curated look

Are you tired of rooms that look completely cookie-cutter or boring? A few vintage or special pieces can bring your style to the next level. Create a curated look by visiting Hope Chest often to score interesting designs that lend depth and sophistication to your décor.



Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, too, is purpose. A credenza in the kitchen, for example, could be used as a TV stand in the living room. A mirror could be reframed to become a piece of artwork. Stroll through Hope Chest for ideas and inspiration that wouldn’t be practical when shopping at a traditional furniture store.

Charitable cause

Most importantly, shopping at Hope Chest supports a local charity! Proceeds from sales at Hope Chest stores help provide comforting, compassionate care to people with a serious illness and their loved ones as they fulfill life’s journey. The mission of Hope Hospice is only made possible by generous community support.


Where to Shop

Hope Chest offers three convenient resale stores in Lee County:

Store hours vary by location.

In addition to furniture, Hope Chest also sells clothing, fashion accessories, books, craft supplies, antiques and collectibles, home goods, and seasonal holiday décor.


Have a Donation?

Hope Chest relies on the community’s gently used items to stock the shelves. Donations are tax-deductible, and receipts are provided on request.

Donation hours vary by location.

Hope Chest also offers a complimentary pickup service for gently used furniture.

REQUEST: Furniture Pickup